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rusny's Journal

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СТЕНГАЗЕТА "Русскоговорящий NY"
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animals, animation & video, anime, art, astrology, astronomy, aviation & planes, beanbag collectibles, boating & sailing, bodybuilding, books, camping & hiking, canoeing & kayaking, cars & trucks, ceramics & pottery, computer games, computers, computers--other, cooking & baking, couponing & refunding, dancing, dept 56, desktop publishing, dreams, emo, eyes, fall, fantasy, farewell my concubine, fashion, figurines, fk, flea markets/yard sales, flower arranging, folk, friends, furniture & antiques, gardening, goa, graphics, ham radio & electronics, hiroshima mon amour, history, hobbies & interests journals, internet, irriversable, literature & books, macintosh, making music, martial arts, masonry, metal detecting, metalworking, model trains, motorcycles, movies, music, music & sound, my first home page, myspace, natural, omen i and ii, other active interests, other collectibles, painting, pda, photo journals, photography, pins & buttons, psy trance, reading, requiem for a dream, scuba diving, sculpture, snowboarding, sounds, sports cards, spring, stamps, summer, technology journals, textile & needle arts, the hero, toys, traveling, underground, us, video games, volunteering, whimit, windows, winter ... and spring, woodworking, words, writing, you, Бахыт-Компот, Блюз, Волосатость, Высоцкий, Еще Раз Про Любовь, Запахи, Искусство, Кино, Классическая, Кожа, Ленинград, Летов, Литература, Мастер и Маргарита, Металл, Мы, Настройщик, Пнин, Психология, Путешествия, Резина, Религия, Рок, Роковое сердце (ха-ха), Русский рок, Соба4ьи Яйца, Спиды, Среди Серых Камней, Сталкер, Тараканы, Театр, Три Истории, Униформа, Фотография, Цой (млин, Электронная, Этническая, Янка Дягелева, джаз, латекс, металл, нах!!!), ну это классика, нью-эйдж, оккультизм

Social capital

  • less than 10